T-MINUS design is an intitiative of well interacting professionals in the world of events. A widely oriented team of creative and technical specialists in all possible combinations. It is this combination of experience, passion, originality and collegiality that brings the platform to the highest level. From total concepts to specialized niches, ambitiously creating, producing and supporting.

We have over 15 years of experience in the entertainment business, varying from creative design to light design and technical features. Both for television shows, theatre, musicals, festivals, dance events, business and public events. Besides creating and designing, our experience also covers the programming and the actual running of shows.

Experience pays off.
So whatever you want our team to do, we know how to do it.


Based on a blank piece of paper or a well detailed plan, a vision will be created during the conceptual phase. We create for the entertainment industry from theatre to dance concepts.


We work with a widely oriented team and because of this we can make designs from stage lights to video designs for the entertainment industry.


Would you like to know what you are getting into? So do we. While awaiting the clients approval, visual renderings will be made to help the creators in their process. So nothing will be left to chance.


Our technical background ensures that the project is feasible and solutions can be put to practice. By not simply handing over a moodboard but also technical drawings and possibilities, we will give your technical producer the necessary headstart.


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MAIL: info@t-minusdesign.com